About Us

Why Partnership / Franchisee?

Large Untapped Market

Broadband market in India is likely to grow multi-fold in comming years. Government policy are also supporting digitization to help us grow.

Technical Support

Continuous hand holding and technological guidance, along with management training will ensure mutual business growth.

Backup of Highly Experienced Team

Huge experience of SLSPL along with well-defined systems, and partners understanding of local market with strong business standing can become a winning combination.


Transparent approach and fair dealings will result into long term relationship.

How SLSPL is better than others?

SLSPL offers the best of the contention ratio for both SOHO as well as SME users compared to other competitors. As per TRAI contention ratio of 1:50 for SOHO users and SMEs it has to be 1:25, vis a vis, SLSPL guarantee contention ratio of 1:15 for SOHO users and 1:6 for SMEs in its agreement itself. Thereby increasing the customer dilight and unmatched quality.

We are also providing NNI- Network to Network Interface and Dark fiber connectivity to Corporate Customers and other Providers as well. We also provide P2P - point to point connectivity for Corporate Customers.